At Long Last

by Wrought of Obsidian

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released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Wrought of Obsidian Denton, Texas

Blending the fierce intensity of grinding death metal with the majesty and lyrical approach of power metal, Texas-based WROUGHT OF OBSIDIAN aim to break new musical ground with its inventive and commanding "warrior metal."

-Jon Konjoyan, PIT MAGAZINE
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Track Name: Blight
The blight moving forward
The infiltration of beautiful cells
A rotten coagulation
For which death and indifference dwell
At the heart, mother earth lies bleeding
And feeding off of her young
Regurgitating endless shame and atrocity

Bring me the weak
They say
Bring me the lost
They say

In writhing splendor
The lost ask not for mercy
In silent necrosis
They perpetuate the infection

The final decree

In the absence of reason we pray:

Bring the weak
To slaughter
Bring the lost
Into death
Bring your brave
To the battle front
And face pure annihilation
Track Name: Bury it to the Hilt
The resolute move forward
Into glorious formation
Preparing the greatest stand

The surrounding darkness
Reaching triumphantly ahead

Show never a sign of weakness
Climb to the farthest heights
Face impossibility with valor
defend life and serenity

Bury it to the hilt

Onward to battle they cry

"Stand up and fight
For those who will bury it to the hilt
For those in arms who will stand up and fight
We prepare to bury you with honor
And shall forever continue your fight"
Track Name: Ides
Past lives have bred a consequence
Precognition, the signs have shown
Through the battle, the blood the roar
Time has offered no assistance
Beware the ides

Never ending
Prophecies fulfilled
The chosen
Never ending
A knife to your back
The broken
Never ending
Prophecies fulfilled
The final chapter
Never ending

The faces of forgotten love
Stabbing at your back
Those misgivings come to life
Taken back in full
Betrayer lies on you
Destroying dreams

Why has all
Come crashing to this
Why have I been forsaken

Tragic flowing tides
The course of sightless eyes
Track Name: This Shell
Tattered and ruined
I gaze to the sky
And ask not to be forgiven
To be forgiven

At the waters edge
Where ripples churn
What human once was present
Now lies innocence lost

Never again
Be forgiven

In a vibrant flicker
At a sidelong glance
A vision of tomorrow
Or the shell known as I

Known as I

Never again
Be forgiven

At the final edge
Where silence stirs
Was a human present
Or just
A shell

Guided by lust
Grief stricken this life
Given a chance
At redemption
I must decide

As I take my
Last breath
I am born again in death
As I take my
Last step
I am born again in death
Track Name: The Breaking
Let rivers run with the blood of our children
In scorched ashes
The undeniable ignorance flowing
Breeding forth the lies in questionable
Never before feeling the unforgiving
Grace of silence

Burning the bridges and fortress to no certain end
Forgetting these lives and those before
Relinquishing dreams to the dishonorable dead
Letting the sly infiltrate the stronghold

Walking among the sightless

Stay the course
Cast disillusion aside
Sever those
Malignant feeders
From the wound
Raise your swords
To the sky
And let them burn
For all to see

Holding on
Holding on

Holding onto freedom
Facing any foe
Wait not for salvation
For it is ours to owe
Track Name: Bravest Hour
The consciousness of higher priests
Pestilence given the highest seat
Trust wasted on righteous falseness

Relishing power behind a guarded veil
With not a questioning glance
Dreadlords at the feasting
Upon innocent minds

The veil
Down by our hands
Reveals them
The ruling wicked
Betray them

We will climb vaulted steps
Into darkened towers
Uprooting the sickness
Our bravest hour

This night
The bravest hours

Into motion the first steps ring
And all will change
As a wheel of perpetual motion
Nothing remains the same
Given the sight
To see beyond
None chose to stay

None chose to stay
Track Name: The Phalanx
The rapture and pure ecstasy
Of manifest conquest
The relation of man with steel
A symbiotic beauty

The chosen form
Tried and true
Past on through the ages
Giving no ground
To the enemy
Taking only life

Blood flowing
Through the rivers

Drink deeply
With strong roots
Brothers of earth

Those beside
Sworn the same
Brothers of earth

Blood flowing
Through the rivers

Exemplifying defeat

Declining numbers
Flea the shore

Accepting their loss

Darkness falls by sworn hands
The pure essence of valor
Beasts vomit regret

The few

With hidden fatigue
The strong wait patiently
For a challenge worth of

The phalanx

As the dying plea aloud they are met with spear point
Granted no quarter by any justice
Given only the beautiful option of death
And their bodies dismembered

The phalanx
Symbiotic beauty
The phalanx
The strong wait
Track Name: New Horizon
To give definition to the end
Is to ignore the obscurity of progress
We have not won the battle yet
But it is close at hand
As the world finds awareness now
Asking, pleading for forgiveness
Give them no immunity
And ask they join the fight

Join your brothers against the night
And make bloody amends
The unity of a thousand voices
Poised to deafen the highest gods
Bringing elder stars to collapse
And shake the earth til mountains form

Contorted forms surrounding
The indifferent faces of death
Striking aimlessly
In unseen desperation
Not a single flag will touch soil
Unless to claim the ground

The strongest chance presented to charge
The accumulation of past lives have led to this
We will not fail
And we will not falter
Let the wicked be damned
Facing humanities thunder

Death is light as a feather
Duty the heaviest mountain
Our choices shape us
And the battlefield before

In time
With might
The night
Or be discarded

In time
With unrivaled might
The night
And forever be rewarded

Be rewarded

I have performed my duty
And my brothers in turn
Sacrificed a thousand lifetimes
To defend a forgotten dream
Ascend dear soul forever
And my brothers in turn
This will be the last time
We meet as flesh

As flesh

Meeting a new horizon
Broadening perception
We have fought to the last